SBS Services


SBS Tree Surgery can carry out a range of specialist services and will provide free-of-charge advice and quotations.


Some of the more common areas of tree work which might match your needs are listed below, but if you have a more particular job then please don’t hesitate to get in touch here.

Tree Removal

When a tree needs to be removed there are different techniques needed depending on the individual tree and whether that tree is diseased or dead, or whether it needs to be removed for access reasons or space issues etc. You can either, fell, dismantle or use a platform.

Crown Reduction

This involves selectively removing branches from the top parts of the tree to reduce the overall height and width reducing the overall size of the tree. This might create less shade in the garden, and make the tree more manageable.


All of the tree’s leafing area is reduced or removed which will encourage healthy re-growth. Pollarding will initially reduce the size of the tree but will mean that it has a more consistent leaf growth. This should be carried out every 3 to 5 years (also known as re-pollarding) on many trees common in the UK such as Ash, Poplars and many more.


This process of cutting back previous years’ growth applies to fruit trees and will keep the height manageable and encourage the maximum amount of flowering and fruit growth for your trees. It’s important that this is completed at the right time of year. If you would like to find out when is the best time for your trees feel free to get in touch here.

Hedge Cutting

This is essential for the maintenance of the hedge, usually for cosmetic reasons. It is important to keep a hedge in good condition before it gets ‘out of control’. We can tackle any size hedge, big or small.

Crown Lifting

This involves removing the lower branches of the tree to ‘raise’ the crown up. This is a great way to let more natural light into a space or to ‘open up’ a space for views, garden redesign etc.